lunes, agosto 08, 2005

You've birds in your head

You’ve birds in your head
I hope I’m one of them
I need see you again
I’m lost 600 Km away

Feelings are flyin’ crossing middle Spain
Try to say yes, your no that’s what I have
Since I saw you I feel happy
But not was since the last bye
When my hearth cried
Only pain, my hearth’s dyin’
Walking up stairs of your mind
Searching the nest inside
Hoping never be forgiven

I have a bird in my head
Now is flying around
Headache, hearth ache
For him, milk and bread
My hands on you, my feet on your ground
It never dream with freedom, ‘cause you are its cage.

Only three days,
I wish it’d been only the first time
That’s all you needed to woke up my interest
I’m fully of love, and I won’t fly away your nest
Truly yours, cause in you I have my rest